Boat Building Tools

Several thousand tools in the collections relate to the shipbuilding industry through the centuries from the period of the Knights of Malta up to tools used in the Malta Dry Docks before its closure in 2010. The collections include some tools which have been actively used for over a hundred years, passed on between generations of workers.

Ship Models

There are over 500 ship models in scales ranging from minute 1:1200, to large 1:10, including two 18th century 1:24 scale models from the Order of St John’s Nautical School of a third rate ship of the Order. The model collection includes a fifth-century BC Greek Athenian Trireme, Roman merchant ships, and local designs such as the kajjik, dgħajsa tal-latini, luzzu, frejgatina, and speronara.


Thousands of documents from the past centuries reveal the complete maritime history of Malta, including ship plans, equipment and signalling manuals, ledgers and notebooks, as well as books and manuscripts of historical research. This expansive collection also includes a great deal of personal items from the Malta Dry Docks collection, such as identification cards, deeds of apprenticeships, certificates and photographs.

Dockyard Collection

The modern dockyard collection at the Malta Maritime Museum spans the time from the British Admiralty period until the Malta Dry Docks were privatised in 2010. Among the estimated 70,000 items are large scale pieces of equipment and objects documenting daily life at the Dockyard, as well as personal items that document the stories of individuals who worked there.