Malta Maritime Museum

Future visitors to the Malta Maritime Museum in Birgu will be treated to a fully immersive and interactive participant-centred experience thanks to a process of innovative digitisation co-financed by the EEA (European Economic Area, Norway Grants) funding. The museum, which is currently closed, is also going through a process of restoration and structural upgrading, further helping to enhance the public’s access to new, state-of-the-art display areas in the building.

Half of the funds are being allocated towards civil works and the rehabilitation of the Malta Maritime Museum premises to reverse changes made to the structure of the building during the British colonial period. The structural upgrading also includes the significant expansion of the Museum display area and the creation of new spaces for the reserve collection and the permanent exhibition. Furthermore, the ground floor of the museum is being made more accessible to the public.

The remaining half of the grant has been apportioned for the digitisation of 2600 artefacts within the Malta Maritime Museum, making for a more interactive and innovative visitor  centred presentation of the collection both online and onsite. This is a major first for Heritage Malta and part of a long term project to digitise hundreds of thousands of items which form part of the national collection, ranging from paintings to porcelain, archaeological artefacts, arms and armour, natural history specimens, clothing, and intangible cultural heritage assets.

The Malta Maritime Museum possesses hundreds of artworks related to the maritime history of Malta. These are in the process of being photographed at very high resolution.