Dockyard interviews restarting in May

150 Ton Crane 6501 at No. 6 Dock - 38 Power Cable reel and wheel assembly
In late 2019 a series of interviews were begun with ex-dockyard workers to learn about their life and work at Malta Dry Docks. This initiative contributes to the social history of the dockyard and the physical collection that the Malta Maritime Museum possesses, where over 70,000 items were deposited after Malta Dry Docks were closed down in 2010. Over 30 interviews have been recorded so far, despite Covid restrictions limiting what we were able to safely do. Now that shutdown restrictions are lifting from May, we will be continuing these recordings in our studio at Bighi. If you would like to know more about these interviews see our Dockyard Collection page. If you are an ex-dockyard worker and would like to contribute your own story, please get in touch with us.