Viewing First Hand the Works in Progress

On Wednesday 19th May Ing. Anthony Camilleri, Director General (Funds and Programmes), and Carmen Dalli, Director of Programmes and Projects Funds and Programmes Division visited the works at the Malta Maritime Museum project which are currently in full swing. Later in the day they visited the digitisation unit studios at Bighi. Both of these projects are financed through EEA Norway Grants.

Heritage Malta CEO Noel Zammit welcomed our guests to the museum. Architect Kevin Abela and Senior Curator Liam Gauci gave a tour of the works being carried out within the ex-Naval bakery housing the Malta Maritime Museum. After visiting the museum, Tony Cassar, Project Manager for Digitisation, gave a tour of the new digitisation unit offices. Mr Camilleri and Ms Dalli met with staff and observed first hand the equipment purchased through the Norway Grants as well as the progress of digitising hundreds of artefacts from the museum collection.  

As a past employee of the Malta Maritime Museum, Ms Dalli remarked:

“Both visits onsite at the Malta Maritime Museum and Bighi were really appreciated by both of us and definitely reassured us that both the renovation and digitisation aspects of the project are in good hands and progressing as planned! For me, it was a walk down memory lane as well, with the prospect that the future of our cultural heritage is undoubtedly looking very positive!”
Carmen Dalli